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17 Times Famous Men Were Asked Gross, Uncomfortable, And Inappropriate Interview Questions

On Ellen, the host put Justin Bieber's non-consensual nude paparazzi picture on the big screen. Then, she shamed him for not realizing he was being watched while trying to enjoy his private vacation.View Entire Post ›

Can You Guess The Dua Lipa Song Based On The Emojis Used To Describe It?

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Sherri Shepherd Dished Out The Perfect Amount Of Shade Amid Kelly Rowland's Dressing Room Drama

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15 Actors Who Discussed The Importance Of Their Casting In These TV Shows And Movies (Some Amid Backlash)

Reflecting on her starring role as Cinderella, Brandy said, "I hear to this day, 'I believe I can be a princess now because of you.'"View Entire Post ›

"Rap Sh!t" Star Jonica Booth Is So Tired Of People Assuming Bisexuals Are Confused About Their Sexuality, And So Am I

"There's still so much work that has to be done."View Entire Post ›

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